Lentil Chips and Australian Sacrilege

Thomas Dux is an Australian gourmet grocery chain. It sells expensive imported and organic fresh produce and groceries.  It is full of lovely things like “heirloom dishwashing liquid” in “Australian white grapefruit”. Yes, seriously.

Heirloom dishwashing liquid

Thanks to Thomas Dux, I have discovered that Australians with lots of money like turning vegetables into chips. We in South Africa think we’re on the cutting edge with our beetroot and sweet potato crisps from the local Spar, but do we have chickpea chips?

Chickpea chips

Lentil chips?

Lentil chips

Mungbean chips?

Mungbean chips

Or – wait for it – Kale chips? Yes, apparently it is possible to turn a relative of the cabbage into a crispy snack food.

Kale Chips

And then – sacrilege! – Thomas Dux also offers this. Mild pepper se moer:

Australian biltong

Biltong with Australian beef is so, so wrong.


One thought on “Lentil Chips and Australian Sacrilege

  1. Colin Dennis

    That Australian white grapefruit dishwashing liquid is completely uncalled for, how pretentious is that? As for the biltong, as long as it’s made the traditional way I have no problem with it but again the “mild pepper”, who makes up this BS for them?


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