Day four: drama, beer and Balmoral Beach

Day four was full of drama (more about that later). It all got sorted, eventually, but for what seemed like an age I was convinced that I’d need to get to Canberra and get a letter from the South Africans proving that my surname is Britten and not Britten-Steyn. As you can imagine, I was not happy.

Train botanical gardens

After all of that drama, we needed to decompress, so we walked through the Botanical Gardens, past the Opera House and back to the ferry. While waiting, we stopped at Sydney’s oldest pub (beer for Chris, cider for me).  We had to gulp it down to make the Mosman ferry in time but my God, there are times when alcohol hits the spot.

On the ferry, the light was good enough for the iPhone to take half decent photos of the harbour. It really is spectacular.

Opera house

Mosman is also very beautiful. I never got tired of these views when I lived there and caught the ferry to work every day. Mosman

At Mosman, where we’d parked, we drove to Balmoral Beach on the other side of the peninsula. We couldn’t find a place that would sell us food, so we bought beer and cider and went to sit on a small island with this view. Sydney is full of sites like this within easy reach:

Balmoral view

We had a conversation about the iniquities of  international banking system and the way the logic of capitalism has become entrenched in our debt-addicted culture. Like me, Chris is allergic to debt. It’s an attitude that is both crippling and liberating.

Then it was back to Lane Cove, where Chris had to head off to his old house to clean the stove, and I stayed behind to work on some blogging while the sun sank behind the western horizon. What a day.


One thought on “Day four: drama, beer and Balmoral Beach

  1. garyk22

    Interacting with the local language, sun, tractor trains, cider that hits the spot, ferry rides, contemplating life, the universe and everything (and the evil empire) whilst on a beautiful island with a good friend. Sounds like Oz is a real shitty place to be! Loving your journey, hope the old ghosts are being crowded out by new memories in the making. Its a good sign too that the sun sets in the West…


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