Why did the echidna cross the road?

You haven’t seen Australia until you’ve seen their extraordinary, utterly strange wildlife. My Twitter handle, Anatinus, is taken from the duckbilled platypus. Next week I plan to visit my namesake at the Taronga Zoo, but in the mean time, I’ve seen its closest living relative, the world’s only other living monotreme: the echidna.

I have a soft spot for echidnas. This is one I saw at the Albert Gardens in the Dandenongs:


One I saw crossing the Great Ocean Road earlier today:

Echidna crossing road

And this is the most iconic of Australian animals, a koala. We spotted 6 of them at in the forest near Cape Otway Lightstation, on one of the southern most points of Australia.


In case you’re wondering, the echidna apparently wanted to get to the other side.


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