More Australian signs and wonders

More signs spotted during my trip to Australia. This one is from a specialty butcher and greengrocer near Lane Cove where I bought a thank you gift for Chris and his housemates:


This is a standard Sydney parking sign. They’re pretty specific about the angle at which you may park:

45 angle parking

Across from the butchery was this sign at the local high school. If the image isn’t clear (my iPhone is useless in anything except bright light) it reads: “Good luck at state swimming Lachlan”. Every second male in Australia is called Lachlan. They used to be called Bruce, but that’s no longer the case. Jayden is also very popular these days, but is considered bogan.

Good luck Lachlan

Saw this as I walked into Sydney Airport and got into a bit of trouble for taking it.

Border Security

This snake warning sign is from Melbourne.

Snakes are found in these gardens

This list is from Taronga Zoo. I thought the Taipan was the most venomous, but apparently that honour goes to the aptly named Fierce snake.

Snake List

Coal seam gas is a big environmental issue in Sydney, where there are plans to mine it from under people’s houses in the west.

No coal seam gas

I spotted this one on the way back from Palm Beach, Sydney. On one stretch of Barrenjoey Road, there were several signs with messages for certain individuals. It seems to be a quirk specific to the area.

Welcome home Miles


2 thoughts on “More Australian signs and wonders

  1. jsurycz

    Sarah, you really should write a book. It is your destiny! I so enjoy your writing. You could make a fortune and go round the world doing book tours etc.

    1. Sarah Britten Post author

      Thanks Julie – this blog is for an ebook (more long form journalism than a full length book), and hopefully I’ll be able to expand on some of this material enough to merit bringing out a ‘proper’ book.


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