PowerPoint < Art

A while back I wrote about how PowerPoint trumps art.

Now, I’m not so sure. Because a painting, once created, is whole. It is there. Even if I can’t find a buyer for it, it exists. A strategy written in PowerPoint, on the other hand, is a preamble to something else. It’s an argument for something that might exist – and if it never does, then the document rationalising it has no purpose.

One idea in the real world is worth more than the thousand that never make it out of your head.

RIF cow

I’ve lost count of the number of slides I’ve drafted and crafted over the years, of the ideas I’ve fallen in love with only to watch them evaporate in front of me because there wasn’t budget, or client wasn’t entirely sold, or I didn’t have the resources to implement them. I don’t love every painting I create, and there are some I will never share with you, but my strike rate is better.

I work in a creative industry, but as a strategist I have spent my entire career within the realm of theory. We write the briefs and prepare the graphs, but somebody else takes care of the work. It is difficult to be creative person who never gets to create, not in the proper sense of the word, and that is why I paint.

In the end, I was wrong. Art > PowerPoint.

Va Pensiero

Va Pensiero, Sul’Alli Dorate


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