Monthly Archives: January 2014

Australia Day

It’s January 26, Australia Day. The equivalent in the antipodes of July 4th, it commemorates the arrival in Sydney Cove of the First Fleet in 1788. Aboriginal Australians regard it as a day of mourning.

The Fatal Shore

I have a habit of keeping track of the day of the week, rather than the date assigned to it, so the only reason that the significance of this day dawned on me was the tweets from the Australians I follow – specifically, a human rights lawyer and a supporter of Julian Assange.

And, make no mistake, it is a significant day. I could have spent it in Australia, probably in Sydney. If I hadn’t got on that Qantas 747 back in April last year, and by doing so, lost my permanent residence visa, I’d still be there, on my way to becoming an Australian citizen four years down the line.

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