What does it mean to step out of line?

 Something I wrote about for the Citroën #stepoutofline campaign I’ve been running. 

What does it mean to “step out of line”? This is what it means to me:

Questioning widely accepted views because those views might not have all the answers.

Finding new ways to do things.

Being brave enough to be different.

Being true to yourself, even when your true self doesn’t fit in.

Doing things that make others feel uncomfortable, for the right reasons.

Standing up for what is right rather than what is popular.

Tackling others when they are wrong, even at a cost to yourself.

Never getting too comfortable with the way things are.

Never thinking that you can sit back and put up your feet.

Never going with the prevailing fashion because that’s what everyone else does.

Speaking the truth even when everyone wants comforting white lies.

Having a sense of what matters.

Valuing the feelings of others.

Knowing when to place principles above people, and when not to.

Admitting when you’re wrong.

Saying sorry and meaning it.

Asking for forgiveness even when it’s painful.



One thought on “What does it mean to step out of line?

  1. pm1956

    Been thinking about this one a bit, and have a thought to offer:

    Not being consistent for the sake of consistency.

    We place too much value on consistency and predictability–on being what people expect us to be. And there are times when consistency simply is not right–because the situation or context is different. There are times and reasons to be consistent, but not always.


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