On Saturday, I got married. These are my vows.

I stand before you amazed, Oh Best Beloved. I never want to lose this feeling: The bokkie skip, the butterflies and zebra and moonbeams and fairy tales. So much amaze.

You are the sun and the moon and the stars in my sky and you leave me breathless. I have earned you, and you have earned me, and now we get to create a life together every time we wake up in one another’s arms.

We’re on the cusp of something quite wonderful, you and I, and I know that, as we hold hands and stand side by side, we’re about to leap into the most glorious adventure.

I want never to take you for granted. I want always to be generous.

I want to commit to the things that matter, and the thing that matters most is this:

that when you reach for me, I will be there.

I love you.


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