For four years, I have not thought about Australia. Not really. Yes, it always hovered there in the past, a part of my story.  But I’ve been forced to think about it again, because my permanent residence visa expires at the end of March. I have to tie up loose ends, and that means confronting things I’ve been putting off for years.

I’ll be visiting Melbourne. Also Adelaide, where JM Coetzee lives, to try and understand the attraction. I’ll visit my Twitter namesake in the Taronga Zoo and explore my old haunts in Mosman. Maybe I’ll meet my ex-husband for a drink at the Opera Bar, the way we said we would when we got divorced.

I’ll be writing about this for Mampoer Shorts. It’s only part of the story; if this episode does well, I’ll write more. We’ll see.

This isn’t about getting anyone’s approval, or asking you to agree or disagree. Emigration is an emotive issue; I’m sure the trolls will be busy in the comments facility.

It’s just my story, It is what it is. Because in the end, all we have are our stories, and all we can do is tell them as best we can.


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